A mother watches helplessly as her teenage boy deteriorates in a Texas youth prison – The Texas Tribune


Your Rolex Suddenly Might Be Worth Less Than You Think – The Wall Street Journal

The watch resale market, where prices for hyped timepieces skyrocketed to record figures in recent years, is floating back down to earth.

According to sales data from Chrono24, a watch resale marketplace, a stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 that sold for more than $194,000 in January is now trading closer to $145,000. Sales of the steel Rolex Daytona 116500LN with a white dial on the platform have slumped by more than $12,000 from a peak of over $52,000 in…….


How to Watch the 2022 World Ultimate Club Championships – Ultiworld

We’ll be livestreaming 50+ games from Worlds!

July 22, 2022 by Orion Burt in Coverage, Video with comments

The 2022 World Ultimate Club Championships are here! From July 23rd to 30th, 128 club teams from around the world will descend on Ohio and battle it out for gold.

Ultiworld is proud to be the official video partner of WFDF for this event and will be providing two live broadcasts per round for U…….


Italian thieves return watch to victim after realizing it was fake – CNN

(CNN) — They say hospitality in Naples is second to none, and one tourist got a singular experience of the Italian city when thieves robbed him of his watch at gunpoint — then brought it back when they realized it was fake.

Two Swiss tourists sitting down for a drink just before midnight on Sunday in Piazza Trieste e Trento, one of the city’s main squares, were approached by a young man, who pulled out a gun and held it to the head of one of the men, before grabbing his watch and wal…….


Collective Horology Is a Club With an Unusual Entry Rule – The New York Times

The pair single-handedly run Collective, and they have worked on the designs for all of the collaborations.

For the Zenith project, which took a year to complete, Mr. Reilly said the idea behind the timepiece was: “Let’s bring Silicon Valley reductive design language to it — white and gray and monochromatic — compared to a stock model.”

The result, executed by Zenith’s design team, “l…….


Online Watch Auctions Go Deeper Into Luxury Territory – The New York Times

On May 4, at precisely 8 a.m. in Los Angeles, two prospective buyers began a spirited bidding war on the watch auction website Loupe This over a rare 1967 Cartier Crash wristwatch.

By the time the frenzy — 34 bids over 20 minutes — had ended, the bidder identified as “swoop” had beaten “sionofbo” with an offer of $1,503,888. Once the 10 percent buyer’s premium was added, the total was nearly double the highest result …….


Tiny Watch Movements Are Big at Bulgari – The New York Times

In June, Bulgari presented its vision of the Garden of Eden, called Giardino Dell’Eden Piccolissimo. It was an extravagant jewelry watch covered in diamonds, rubies, pink tourmalines, mandarin garnet, pink and yellow sapphires and rock crystal, all set around the dial on the wings of a butterfly, the scales of a slithering snake and throughout a bed of flowers in bloom.

The opulent piece concealed one remarkable detail: At its he…….


Want a New Watch? Put Your Name Right Here. – The New York Times

Luxury watch brands have always liked the concept of a waiting list and the exclusivity that it often signals to prospective buyers.

But with lists becoming more common and growing in both length and duration, some in the industry have warned of rising frustration among consumers who have money in their pockets but are being told to wait, wait and wait some more for their hearts’ desires.

A numbe…….


In Watches, a Purple Craze – The New York Times

Lucien Steinmann, co-chief executive of Positive Coating, said A.L.D., as the process is commonly called, involved applying a transparent coating of oxidized metals onto a surface, atomic layer by atomic layer, in a vacuum chamber. “Due to the thickness of the coating used for decoration on dials, cases and movement parts, the human eye will experience different colors,” Mr. Steinmann said. “It is the same visual phenomenon as when you see different colors in…….